who we are

Founded in June 2015 by Joon Oh (Joonsik Oh), Very Joon Oh (VJO) is a creative design consulting firm based in Seoul, Korea, with an aim of being the Right Design Creator.

what we do

VJO involves in various design works including design planning, graphic design, space design, digital design, and image creations domestically and globally both for corporates and governments. VJO takes active social contribution activities as well.

what we value

With a concept of “Right Design,” VJO puts priority on defining what the right design decision is for each client. VJO believes that new business environments and changed perspectives of people living in the new era guide us to a philosophy of “Right Decision is Beautiful.” VJO is committed to the development and design of all-time values that are loved and used for a long time. Also VJO intends to redefine the contemporary Asian design and culture, and utilize design as a strategic tool to fulfil people’s needs and aspirations while creating sustainable results and benefits to the society.